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The most telling aspect of this discussion is the widespread use of the word "class" until the UK cures itself of this nonsense we're going nowhere....

I am the first generation of my family who didn't earn his living down a coal or lead mine or as a wheelwright (mother's side). Instead I took advantage of a decent education and spread my wings to earn a decent living in IT and to live in a number of different places.

I am a Freeman of the City of London and member of a City Livery Company where I rub shoulders with the great and good some of whom are really excellent and fascinating folk and some of whom are merely full of their own importance.

My experience of opportunity should be the aspiration and opportunity of everybody.
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Sooty25 wrote::roll:

and the last time you drove sheep across London Bridge was...?

I have a chap who does that for me, used to run a giant software house and now has a sheep farm :-) I just make the charity contribution :-)

I do expect to be hanged with a silken rope in due course though :twisted:
The overriding qualification to appear on Jeremy Vine, is, apparently, a low IQ......followed by a poor education and a false sense of entitlement engendered by successive odious politicians.

Kids are gulled into believing it will be their right to sit in a carpeted office, tapping a keyboard. The fact they are intellectually suited to pushing a broom or a mop is never in the picture.
Quote JimJones ;
"So it’s ok for these people to be exploited and demeaned by the media "?
Hang on a sec. there JJ . Nobody press-ganged these people off the streets at knifepoint did they ? Like hundreds of others , they went along with it at their own freewill , knowing full well it was 'car-crash TV' , but all wanted their 15mins of celeb. time and when it backfired on them , they were expecting everyone else to pick up the pieces
Quote JimJones ;
"Then again, without the underclass, poor, abused and excluded, how would we know we ourselves were wealthy, privileged and empowered "?[/quote]
Sorry mate , :D , can't go along with that either . This is 2019 . Not 1919 !

I am now of retirement age , having left school at 15 to take up a mechanical apprenticeship . I do certainly have pride in things I have done during that time , but I'm neither wealthy , privileged nor empowered in any way that is different from any other law abiding , hard working , tax-paying citizen .

The opportunities in this country today , exceed those of our parents/grandparents generation many , many times over . The fact that a certain fraternity today are able to opt for an alternative lifestyle which allows them to start procreating from puberty , getting up at midday to veg. out on the settee in their pants watching car-crash tv and all the other requirements that their benefits have afforded them , shouldn't mean that the folk who have done it differently should have to have pangs of guilt .

I most certainly don't !
Jim Jones wrote:Suicides have occurred in relation to something called Love Island.

I fear anyone willing to sacrifice privacy for a little fame must already have vulnerabilities and will need protection from those seeking high audience figures.

There's one issue with regard to the people who become involved in these shows which are produced to in order to attain 'high audience' figures. But surely there is also an issue with those who make up that 'high audience'? What on earth drives anyone to want to watch it?

The many and various reports about this matter all mention the this was the highest rated daytime TV show, so not only does the show highlight the troubled people who appear on it, it also suggests that there could be even more 'troubled' people in the audience; surely you have to be troubled to want to watch it?
The Jeremy Kyle show is part of the media mirror held up to us. Soap operas full of conflict and misery form another part. If you identify with what you see, you start to believe this is a normal way of dealing with life, and mimic that reflection in your own life.

I see many people who are fully abreast of all that is happening on these programmes, but know nothing of economics, politics, science or sport ( perhaps other than football) and have no interest in finding out, as they cannot see a connection with their lives. If another mirror was available to them, that may change, (but that may also empower them you see).

Maybe Reith had a point...
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The whole purpose of TV is to disempower the masses, to keep them quiet and to keep them buying stuff. Anyone who thinks it has a conscience or gives a **** about participants in the laughably named "reality TV" is very very deluded.
It's also very clever and persuasive - I have nothing but pity for folk who are bamboozled into playing into its hands.
kanga wrote:
eltonioni wrote:..

Maybe it was always like this. Orwell seemed to think so 80 years ago.

Juvenal 2,000 years ago ..

[probably irrelevant to recall that Eric Blair ('George Orwell') was an Etonian .. :) ]

Being the lad who turned down a private education, I won’t criticise those that had. Even Etonians.
lobstaboy wrote:The whole purpose of TV is to disempower the masses, to keep them quiet and to keep them buying stuff.

That's demonstrably not true, but assuming it is, how should the masses be empowered?
Jim Jones wrote: If another mirror was available to them, that may change, (but that may also empower them you see). ...

I think I can see the point you are trying to make JJ , but if "that other mirror" was available to these people , would it be the mirror that shows people going on to achieve qualifications and subsequently carving a career ? and thereafter be contributing to our society ?
The lefties may not like this ......But 'success' isn't a dirty word .

Only drawback there is that you have to chase the opportunities ! They will not chase you .

"Quote Jim Jones ; [but that may also empower them you see...[/quote]"

So what ! Nobody has a problem with that . Getting up at a normal hour , not slouching around in a string vest , walking straight past the telly , getting out and grabbing opportunities , taking responsibilities for your own decisions .

If they can't be bothered ,,,,,,,why should it be someone else's fault .
The show exploited uneducated chavs who have sex with too many different fat birds who are married to too many tattooed men.

It’s good that it’s gone.
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