Group flying opportunities & questions
Afternoon all,

Was wondering if there were any shares going in some aerobatic machine anywhere between an RV/Decathlon upto an extra within an hours drive from Southampton.

I have an EASA PPL, tailwheel with EASA aerobatics rating (completed in an extra 200) and about 120 hours total on C152, PA28, Super decathlon and extra 200 combined


Geordie_flyer wrote:Thanks, there aren’t any shares currently advertised hence the post to see if there are any coming up :) Shoreham, Compton Abbas, Goodwood are all not bad distance.

I believe a share in an aerobatic aircraft is about to go on the market at Compton Abbas, there's an ad (I think) in the next issue of Flyer, I don't currently have the details to hand, will try to post them tomorrow.

VictoryRoll wrote:As if by magic!!! ‘Twas meant to be...

Always fancied flying a Dog to compare to the Firefly 8)
In my opinion, the dog is much nicer in many ways. When I last looked at RR, was a pretty good example. Get over there and take a look - I doubt you will be disappointed with a Bulldog. :thumleft: