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By matthew_w100
The Union Flag flying over Buckingham Palace this evening was an absolute monster - it came half way down the pole. A couple of weeks ago it was comically titchy. Do any of our nautical contributors know whether the size of flag flown depends on what's on top in the flag cupboard that morning, the expected wind strength , or perhaps even the current level of joy in the Royal Family?
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By lobstaboy
I note that next Thursday, 9th May, is an official Flag Day when the Union Flag shall be flown from public buildings. Guess what day it is?'s Europe Day.
By PaulB
Is that real news or fake news? ... lag-flying

Dates for flying the Union Flag on UK government buildings in 2019
9 January Birthday of the Duchess of Cambridge
20 January Birthday of the Countess of Wessex
6 February Her Majesty’s Accession
19 February Birthday of the Duke of York
1 March St David’s Day (in Wales only, see note 1)
10 March Birthday of the Earl of Wessex
11 March Commonwealth Day (second Monday in March, see note 5)
17 March St. Patrick’s Day (in Northern Ireland only, see note 4)
21 April Birthday of Her Majesty the Queen
23 April St George’s Day (in England only, see note 1)
2 June Coronation Day
8 June Official celebration of Her Majesty’s birthday
10 June Birthday of the Duke of Edinburgh
21 June Birthday of the Duke of Cambridge
17 July Birthday of the Duchess of Cornwall
15 August Birthday of the Princess Royal
10 November Remembrance Day (second Sunday in November, see note 2)
14 November Birthday of the Prince of Wales
20 November Her Majesty’s Wedding Day
30 November St Andrew’s Day (in Scotland only, see note 1)
By AlanC
One suspects that the larger item may have been a Royal Standard rather than the "normal" Union Flag - a good way to get heralds excited, and tourists keen to know "who is in residence".
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By matthew_w100
No, both were definitely Union Flags. The Royal Standard is only flown when the Queen is actually in residence, and she's at Windsor atm. Even at a long distance you can tell the difference - the RS has lots of yellow/gold in it.

And since the death of Diana, Buckingham Palace always flies one or the other, not just on Flag days.
By Bill McCarthy
A battle ensign substitute maybe !! Flags can be massive - such as a “paying off pennant” in RN ships. They are the length of the ship (and can be longer), and is flown when going to decommission - into refit or being laid up. On HMS Dreadnought we had to fasten the loose end to a stern mooring cleat to prevent it getting caught up in the propellor, the tips of which are just about a foot underwater.
By Chris Martyr
matthew_w100 wrote:The Union Flag flying over Buckingham Palace this evening was an absolute monster

Do you reckon it could the Windsor family's acknowledgement of National Nurses Week ?