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By PaulB
It seems like they are aware of the error of their ways.....

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By Flyin'Dutch'
Indeed, ridiculous.
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By lobstaboy
Jim Jones wrote:The uniform I wore didn’t involve an apron, or a cap, or stockings...

So it did involve a skirt. I'd like to see some pics Jim!
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By PeteSpencer
Don't think I ever saw many of the nurses in my operating theatre in dresses>

Scrubs all the way............

That didn't stop them being excellent nurses.

Guinness book of records are wrong.

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By cockney steve
The only thing wrong was the omission of the definition of "Nurse's Uniform "

As an old fart, I see the Unisex "scrubs" as far less restrictive than the traditional clothing as portrayed in the "Carry-on" films, by Hattie Jacques. Therefore , a Marathon, wearing the latter, would be far more of a challenge than wearing loose, lightweight clothing.

Times have changed, what with male midwives and all, Perhaps the Guinness Records lot need to "up their game" and clearly describe the qualifying - parameters for each record -category they recognise.

"Scrubs" are not distinctly and categorically "nurse's uniform", as several posters have pointed- out,
Orderlies, Porters, Domestic- staff and cleaners all seem to wear similar outfits ,to the non-professional eye. Perhaps the best answer is to get rid of the category altogether and have a traditional uniform subset of "fancy-dress" ?
By riverrock
They do have detailed qualifying description of the costume required. It is described as a costume, and they need to keep the standard so records are fair. It is clearly described as unsurprisingly different people in different parts of the word wear different clothes.
It would be easier to run a marathon in modern scrubs than a matron costume.

Change the name to "nurses costume" then move on.
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By Chris Martyr
I remember the trouble Peter Cook had when trying to get his achievement into the Guinness Book of World Records .

I think that Jessica should tell 'em to shove it . She has , after all got 'em bang to rights hasn't she ?
All she needs to remind them is ; ' Look , I'm a nurse and this is my bloody uniform , OK' ?... :thumright:
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By skydriller
I really dont see why this is so hard for some people...

What you would expect to see if someone said "there's a man over there dressed up as a fireman for the marathon" and "there's a woman over there dressed up as a nurse for the marathon".

This stuff is being taken waaaay too seriously by some.
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By stevelup
What is surprising is that they even needed to think about this.

From their own web page, it clearly says 'Uniform' not 'Costume'. This is an epic PR failure if nothing else....

By PaulB
Does it have to be a nurse or can it be someone pretending to be a nurse (in a GWR approved uniform)?
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By Flyin'Dutch'
Running in a nurse's uniform is probably OK.

Pretending to be a nurse a lot less so as that would constitute fraud.

Agree with @stevelup stupid PR failure of GBoR