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By santon
Hi Irv

Am I right in thinking that this only applies to EASA aircraft and so LAA permit aircraft would not qualify?

Also, you thought last year that an exemption might be set up to allow the use of a PPL as a LAPL throughout Europe, only needing a medical every two years, .
Has this happened yet please?

I have an LAA permit aeroplane that I fly to France and an EASA PPL. My one year medical expires next month. Do I need to renew it please or can I fly with LAPL privileges in France ?

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By Irv Lee
You can fly non-EASA aircraft on EASA PPLs using self declare medicals in the UK, see the 1441 table of combinations mentioned below.
As for allowing EASA PPLs to use LAPL medicals (whether a time induced downgrade or just getting a LAPL medical), and changing the rules to allow that across the EASA states (eg: flying UK-France), it seems EASA have had far too busy telling us they completely understand GA's problems, have a roadmap to sort things out for the better, and a cartoon, and after 5.5 years, somehow didn't get round to get useful hobby SEP things passed by the politicians by the April 2018 date, when it would have been really useful. The UK CAA have done much more than many thought possible this year to mitigate to give more time, but it isn't a European wide mitigation or complete, albeit very welcome.
So, knowing you have an EASA PPL-SEP...
(a) the EASA change to allow EASA PPLs to pretend to have LAPL privileges if accompanied by a LAPL medical is still 'sometime this year' by rumour. Until something changes, an EASA PPL cannot use a LAPL medical at all... even to fly non-EASA aircraft.... but they can use a UK self declaration subject to listed restrictions due to the exemption (1260) mentioned below, which don't help you if you want to fly to France. The licence/medical combinations prior to recent 2018 CAA mitigation is here http://publicapps.caa.co.uk/docs/33/CAP1441_MedicalLicenceTable_V10(08March2017).pdf and as you can see, EASA PPL plus lapl medical doesn't work for either easa or non-easa aircraft. This table is then further amended for you by the later general exemption ors4 1260 which allows flying EASA aircraft with your EASA ppl on a self declare medical: https://publicapps.caa.co.uk/docs/33/1260.pdf - but note the restrictions in para 4.iii which don't help you on an EASA PPL-SEP to fly in France.
(b) flying non EASA SEP aircraft... Without foreign CAA permission, you would need some combination that is ICAO compliant or that is EASA compliant to fly to France from the UK. The PPL-SEP-selfdeclare is neither of those, neither is PPL-SEP-LAPL medical (yet), but will be 'sometime', and when it does, it will fit the EASA compliant bit, we hope.
If you are not going to France yet, why not use the self-declare exemptions in the UK and wait, only getting a Class 2 at the last minute if the 'using a lapl medical' change hasn't arrived.
By KeithM
map5623 wrote:Not long to Christmas now, has there been any movement on this.

Christmas has passed and now it’s two days before Easter.

Brexit process is now up in the air and stalled. :wink:

So, ditto, the above question! :)
By Mikebbb
My class 2 medical has become too onerous. Is my best option to swap from PPLa to LAPL? Is the suggestion above of keeping the PPL but using a self declaration medical still in the pipeline? Has it happened? Any other suggestions gratefully received. It all seems mind-bogglingly complicated. Thanks in advance.
By Mikebbb
That sounds like a brilliant option but, having said that, I'm not sure I understand it as this is all a bit new to me - I only got the PPL last autumn. What would I have to do to get a medical exemption? Thanks again in advance.
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By nickwilcock
The relevant amendments to FCL.040 and FCL.205.A are already in draft; these will enable a PPL holder to fly within the scope of the LAPL provided that their medical certificate remains within LAPL medical certificate validity. Hopefully in EU law this summer.

This doesn't mean that your PPL becomes a LAPL; it means that you would be restricted to LAPL-level aircraft, VFR-only. Within any EASA Member State.

And before anyone asks, a PPL/FI (whether or not they have CPL knowledge), whose medical lapses to LAPL level, would NOT be able to conduct any flight instruction.
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By Mikebbb
nickwilcock wrote: these will enable a PPL holder to fly within the scope of the LAPL provided that their medical certificate remains within LAPL medical certificate validity. Hopefully in EU law this summer.

Thanks everyone. Does this mean I'll be able to self declare or would it be a medical with an AME?