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I have an NPPL with an SSEA rating and a medical declaration - it does everything I need and I have a year until it stops working for the EASA aircraft I currently rent. I have no wish to do anything that I can't currently do with the NPPL, nor do I wish to change from a medical declaration.

Is there any point getting an LAPL (I got the NPPL years ago so should be able to transfer easily)? The medical declaration derogation currently lasts until the same date as the NPPL for EASA aircraft one.

Would I essentially (post-Brexit) just have two NPPLs?
The medical declaration is the speed determining step - a LAPL licence will not confer more rights than an NPPL without a LAPL Medical.

So save the dough and spend it on AvGas vouchers.
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I think it's just a case of guessing which derogation will be extended - NPPL on EASA aircraft or LAPL with a medical declaration. I suppose that I thought if I had both licences then the chances of one of those derogations being extended or becoming permanent was higher than if I just had the NPPL and crossed my fingers.
It will be like buying a snow shovel, if you have both, both will be extended; if you have one only the derogation for the other will be extended!

There is no logic and winning answer to these conundrums!
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