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I've recently had a Class 2 Initial done and I was given a Med 162 form to take to an opticians. Has anyone had experience of taking it to a High Street opticians (i.e. Boots)? There's one place I've found which can do it but it would cost me £55 which I think is a bit steep.

Also, my GP is going to have to write a letter to the AME/CAA detailing that a couple of conditions I was diagnosed with in childhood have never resulted in me keeling over or ending up on a psych ward. Has anyone had any experiences with this?
1. Shop around - most high street opticians can/do them, prices vary £55 is quite a lot.

2. Depends what it is/was. Some things are less/not relevant - others can be show stoppers. Your AME can advice.

Good luck!
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Thank you for the quick reply.

I was tempted to take advantage of the free eye test vouchers they do at Boots, I spoke to one of their people on the phone and they said that they would have to see on the day whether they could do it, didn't want to show up for them to say no. I might drop in there the next time I'm in town.

My AME has been very positive, he's basically said that I might as well start flying, it's simply to cover everything. The only challenge is that I've recently moved house and my new GP has never met me before, they haven't got me records yet so I'll probably have to wait a couple of weeks anyway. My old GP was excellent, signed me off an a medical declaration for gliding and did a statement for my railway medical.
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