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By Sooty25
Anyone got any recommendations for companies that can replace the webbing straps in a couple of sets of harnesses?
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By Sooty25
Rob L wrote:Hooker Harness ?

It's actually 2 sets of Hookers that needed doing. Lap straps had chafed where they pass through a fibreglass seat tub and the shoulder straps had discoloured and gone stiff, (UV degradation maybe?) 25 years old.

With the recent LAA article and AAIB reports in mind, something needed doing.

Emailed both companies listed above with photos, only FDTS responded and I considered their quote sensible. They now have them and I should get them back just after Easter. I'll report back once they return.

Did consider new harnesses but just envisaged either installation or paperwork hassle.

Thought of sending stuff to the states for repair, the summer is too short!