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KATI has developed a battery draw of 0.4 amps even with the master switch off. Whilst cleaning terminals I found a wobbly post on the master switch which I think is a Lucas SSB106.

This may or may not be anything to do with the current draw, but should be corrected anyway.

Should I just purchase a like for like replacement, or is there anything better out there that is an easy fit?

(Away for a week from tomorrow so thanks in advance!!)
Westminster car-breakers at Sherburn -in- Elmet (a couple of miles from the airfield) are specialist Rolls Royce /Bentley (and Mercedes ) breakers. All the Shadows, Spirits and equivalent Bentleys have a battery master-switch in the boot. may be worth an email. (ads on ebay)
That's pretty hefty Charles!
have that switch at £43.71 ... ategory/30
or a copy of it at £14.77 ... ategory/30
or something for the same job at £7.63 ... ategory/30
take your pick.

As my battery is behind the seat out of reach in the case of a shorted cable near it I used instead a relay mounted at the battery with a switch on the instrument panel. The relay is a continuously rated commercial vehicle one made by Bosch and cost about £14 I think. It's interchangeable with the one that LAS do for about £38. Worth considering.

I see you're back at KH, I can show you it.