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"He doesn't have a Swiss licence of any sort, he has an old UK PPL (so SOLI is UK)".

Unfortunately it is not this simple. He may indeed have a pre-JAR/EASA PPL issued by the UK, but SOLI is an EASA concept and his SOLI is what is written in box I of the current EASA medical he holds.

Unfortunately, (and perhaps wrongly, not enough information to judge) , it appears that this is Switzerland.
I get your point.

So, write a letter to FOCA (or whoever does this stuff in Switzerland) and say "please cancel my medical and any licence-type records you hold".

Then go to a UK AME and say "please check me and issue me with a UK EASA Class II medical". If said AME asks "do you have any EASA licences with a country other than UK?" he can honestly answer "no".

If the Swiss try not to play ball then that is their problem not his, he's told them to cancel everything they have.

In reality:
- will the UK AME ask such a question? I doubt it.
- will CAA FCL check with all other EASA-associated states to see if they hold any current records? I doubt it.
- if they do then he has instructed such records to be cancelled anyhow; and, if the Swiss are messing about, he can provide a copy of the letter to prove it.

Nope that won't work.

If he goes to any other AME the box 'Date and Place of last medical' will have to be filled out as well as the handing over of the old certificate which will state State of Licence =

Not declaring what you have is a 'non-declaration' and likely to trigger enforcement action from the CAA.

That truly is not worth the hassle.

Still hassle but a lot less so is to play it with a straight bat as has been detailed above.

Until is solved the problem lies squarely with the pilot not the Swiss and not the UK CAA - it is very unfortunate that this has happened the Swiss AME and the pilot should have paid more attention at the time of the medical application.

Dodo and I have probably done more medicals between us that most on here have hot dinners and we both have done time at the CAA as well.
In the meantime can he have a valid rating put in his old U.K. PPL and use that in the UK at least with a self declaration whilst awaiting the SOLI process.

If he has lost the physical licence then again the CAA might reissue/re print his UK PPL.

Yes indeed fbm, an old lag but now released and now no connection with the AME world, so prob 90 out of date.
Am I going mad!! Latest twist, and I hope final, as follows: Forms submitted to date, 1104, 1157, 1107, 1199, UK Medical and ID attested.
To complete the conversion, UK PPL to Part FCL PPL, form SRG1119C is required? This form is specifically to renew a rating where "licencing action" is required, ie to lift an expired rating from the back page to section X11.
According to the CAA this is needed to renew the original UK SEP rating (expired), even though the current SEP rating is clearly stated on page 2 of the 1104, with the test/validity dates and my FE details. Also this is covered by the 1157, SEP renewal sign off
I have done many EASA conversions, some needing Prof. checks to renew a rating but have never been asked for this form and another £91 in addition to the £75 for the PPL conversion. Comments please.