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By pplmeir
According to the CAA; https://www.caa.co.uk/Our-work/Make-a-report-or-complaint/MOR/Occurrence-reporting/

"An occurrence means any safety-related event which endangers or which, if not corrected or addressed, could endanger an aircraft, its occupants or any other person."

In this case the op did a great job of analysing and dealing with the issue and it is excellent that he has posted this to share with others.

If the position of the mags indicator in his airplane and the potential for the mag switch to rotate in its housing would make this relevant to other aircraft then a MOR is relevant. I think he mentioned this is a Cessna 152 which is one of the most common GA airplanes, so one can assume this is not common or is normally dealt with in routine maintenance. Perhaps a maintenance engineer might comment ?

It is easy to criticise the regulators. It is harder to do something about it constructively that improves matters for everyone.
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By skydriller
masterofnone wrote: a mag switch that rotated in its housing just enough to make it look like it was on both mags when it wasn't

I have had EXACTLY this happen during power checks in a Robin. I was doing the mag check and completely cut the engine going to the left mag.

Regards, SD..