What are you planning? Where shall we go?
A couple of us are trying to persuade Irv Lee to do one of his rust-remover/Masterclass days on the South coast somewhere before too long, say somewhere between Lee-on-Solent, Goodwood and Shoreham, and we need a couple more takers to achieve critical mass to go ahead with it. The actual date would be subject to negotiation and agreement between us and Irv, but tentatively looks like early May at the mo.

Let me know if you're interested...

Shame you missed the one near Redhill, that was not ridiculously far away, I try to get them within about 30-45 minutes of "population" so i find somewhere to host close to motorways or in this case A27.
Phoenix Aviation (Lee) are having a club pub evening tomorrow so will try and get a mention there to increase numbers.
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