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By CloudHound
Slight thread drift. According to the Norwegian Aircraft Museum at Bodø Gary Powers was on his way there when shot down. There is a U-2 in the collection.
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By rf3flyer
chevvron wrote:If you can see an aircraft in this photograph, it doesn't exist.,33.000716,19z,map

Well maybe it does and maybe it doesn't. I seem to recall several decades ago that the cousins had, extending their use of dummies and decoys, discovered that you didn't need an actual 3 dimensional dummy, that a 2 dimensional cutout shadow shape on the ground worked just as well against aerial surveillance.
By patowalker
Like the Argentines placing piles of earth on the Stanley runway, so they looked like bomb craters during the day. At night they were buldozed off, so their C130s could land.