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By PaulB
Yes, it’s a drama, and yes, it’s Ken Loach and yes it’s on the BBC, and yes, it’s a million miles from the lives that most of us lead, but how many are actually watching it?

I had to give up, it’s just too depressing.
By PaulB
Tangentially related, there’s the disgraceful attempts by the Republican Party in the US to smear Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that seems to have for the moment backfired.

@AOC’s twitter profile says “In a modern, moral, wealthy society, no American should be too poor to live”

She has a point, and it could just as easily be made on this side of the Atlantic.
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By PaulB
Genghis the Engineer wrote:I understand that Jeremy Corbyn is a big fan of I, Daniel Blake.

That alone seems adequate reason to not watch it.

I think that you should watch it, preferably with an open mind, and, as a scientist and as an individual, form your own opinions.