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By tomshep
One of the best strips around. I preferred the wonderfully subversive Bloom County: "How goes the glorious cockroach Revolution?" But for me, none of them comes close to Asterix.
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By Trent772
Calvin and Hobbes was very good, but doesn't come close to Garfield, which doesn't come close to The Far Side.

Garfield's best

One of Gary Larson's best

Those aside, here is the one that eclipses them all........

Happy New Year :mrgreen:
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By akg1486
A bit on the gloomy side, but still one of my favourites:

By Cessna57
I cut out these 2 frames from Dilbert, 20 years ago.

I read them if I’m finding work stressful, and suddenly it puts things in perspective.
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By joe-fbs
All good but surely as aviators, Snoopy and the Red Baron must be top of the list? Snoopy has been part of my life forever. He stands, in flying kit, on my monitor at work and on the wall of our Dilbert style divider is a double length strip in which after being battered by the Red Baron he wearily wishes for a nice job with an airline. Oh and a picture of a real airship with Snoopy on the side.
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By akg1486
In the late 90s, I visited Pacific Bell in Pleasanton, CA: the place where Dilbert creator Scott Adams used to work. The employees were banned from pinning Dilbert strips to their cubicle walls.