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By skyhawk701
I was thinking of flying over to Spain & Gibraltar in a single engine aircraft during next summer and have the following questions:
Has anyone flown over to Gibraltar recently in a single engine aircraft?
Is Gibraltar Airport open to General Aviation and any details of handling agents?
Is there a better time to fly in to Gibraltar Airport especially when wind factor is in favour of single engine aeroplanes.

Thank you in advance.
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By ivor.phillips
went a few years back with no problem, you have to do PPR and send back a email/ Fax signed saying you understand the joining and landing instructions,
we didn’t have handling agents but no Avgas on site, we used mogas from very local filling station, ( Rotax engine)
you should get a slot time that you should try to meet due to commercial traffic,
limited parking on aprons so should confirm availability if staying overnight,
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By Hitch
Wonderful place to visit. Go for it. Recommend entry via Jerez. Last visited Gib 18 months ago. The joyous memory will last forever. Agree There is no fuel. (Not even in a jerry can. Collection of Mogas now prohibited since Ivor’s visit) In and out via Jerez. Do it now. The access we currently enjoy via Spain is a privilege gained under UK EEC citizenship. So there is inevitable speculation that it may go following Brexit. Will we still be able to access 2019? Each year when we tour Spain we find that the Spanish authorities are very welcoming. Great relationship . AUTORIZACION VUELO EN ESPAÑA is renewed annually for our type. There is a new form to guide you through a simple process if you fly an annexe ii aircraft. Then you are recognisable to all as an aircraft Within the meaning of their systems of operation . Remember you are leaving the Schengen Area so you do the full process at Jerez both ways. Plus remember to tick the Fuel dispenser form correctly. These days the form is written in English as well as Spanish.

Hope that helps.
By ChrisA
When I looked into this last year we were told yes we could land but only stay for 2 hrs. As mentioned caused by limited apron space. Also worth mentioning we have had 2 diversions in 6 trips with Easy Jet due to turbulence so worth a close weather watch!
By Bill McCarthy
Hitch - the border has been closed more times than you can shake a leafy stick at, even when we were in the bliddy EU. I've been in and out of Gib many, many times in the RN and it always had the look of a rundown holiday resort which only came awake when the fleet was in !
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By SteveC
I fly in all the time. Expect around £180 in landing fees. Parking is limited so book in advance.
By pullup
Wow £180 ...I’m glad I went about 20 years ago when the RAF ran it.
Stayed three days, they had Avgas and the standard RAF charges, just a couple of quid in those days!
By chevvron
I've seen quite a few light aircraft land downwind to avoid the turbulence in the lee of the Rock.
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By Flintstone
I’ve not been back since closing the runway (and the road that runs across it) with a wheel/brake fire on landing.

Spain was cut off from civilisation* for a whole 30 minutes. :wink:

* Possibly plagiarised, can’t find the claimed Times headline.