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By Alexw82
Not when I went last year. The police were in the main terminal just to the left hand side as you look at it from the apron. AIP doesn’t mention Prior notice. They are there 0500 - 2100 according to the AIP I’d give the tower a quick call +32 (0) 56 36 20 40 to confirm!

Safe flight.
By Stu B
I've never had to. Only 6 Belgian airfields are allowed to be used into/out from Schengen so those 6 are all properly staffed for it. Kortrijk is my airfield of choice for entering/exiting Belgium (though Charleroi is cheaper).
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By Boecopter
All very painless. The customs guy was friendly, quick and efficient. Fuel by credit card self service.

Excellent place. Only marred by my operator error epic on Skydemon with the flight plan to Groningen. Ended up filing one and having to cancel it, a second one (cancelled) and a third one with a delay message before I got the time right... :roll:
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By tnowak
As mentioned, customs is very easy. In 2016 one just recorded the amount of Avgas taken and they sent you an invoice a few weeks later. Very trusting!
By Stu B
Yes I think fuel was by credit card last time I passed through 2 months ago, but the landing/overnight etc was still by posted invoice a few weeks later. TransferWise made it easy to pay without the big markup the banks charge to settle Euro invoices!
By gustav
Customs notification is done as soon as your file a flight plan. Landing and parking fee invoice sent on later.

Fuel is paid by credit card from unmanned pump but is OUTRAGEOUSLY priced. The "press for a receipt" button does not work and has not done so for ages. Ask as much as you like but there is no way of getting a receipt from anyone at the airport.
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By Boecopter
Customs from EU to UK was quick and easy as well. We had fuelled up in Midden Zeeland so didn’t need to use the pumps this time.
Stayed overnight in the Bell-X hotel 200 yards from the airport building. Perfectly adequate and pleasant after 5 hours a day for 6 days...

Talking of outrageous fuel, Groningen self service Avgas was over €3/lt :shock:
But it was an awesome trip so we didn’t care.

Anyway, to answer my own emailing or phoning required either way for customs at Kortrijk.