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By patowalker
Mick Elborn wrote:Whilst this is off topic, my original observation about not assuming free movement within Schengen stands. Basically, be aware that things can change.

At this time a number of EU Countries have officially notified that they will apply the Directive (EU) 2016/681 to intra-EU flights. Currently France and Spain are not on that list, but this could change. You can see the current list here:

It should not apply to private flights, as the EU Directive applies to Air Carriers and collection of their passenger data. However, that does not mean this is fully understood by Customs/Immigration/Police at every airport.

I agree that things can change, but at the moment the rules that apply in France are these.
Article 9 provides for checks to be carried out on intra-Schengen flights at non-Customs airfields, but that is no different to a ramp check. Fly and enjoy!
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By mmcp42
doing more research for the trip
came across this interesting entry for Murcia (final destination)

Restricted civil flights (except authorized regular lines) within the
following schedule:
V: 0615-1300.
I: 0715-1400.
except Saturdays, holidays, Holy Week and the periods of July 15 to 1
September and from December 22 to January 9.

now does that mean

no VFR during the "excption" period

or that the "V: 0615-1300" restriction doesn't apply during that period?

I could read it either way
(they have implied that arriving in July is ok - and to book a slot nearer the time)

also having fun juggling airfields in southern France so I can get to Murcia before 1300Z
a) as far south as possible
b) open so I can take off in time
c) have fuel that I can buy without a Total card (they want €300 deposit for that!)

all in all still looks like Carcassonne as it now claims to take AirBP :)
By dlt1939
I = Invierno = Winter
V = Verano = Summer

Not properly translated in the AIP.

Murcia is an air force training base and they do not allow simultaneous civil VFR and military ops.

Suggest you contact ops to confirm your arrival and charges. They used not to insist on handling unlike other Aena managed airports, but this may have changed. Having said that be prepared for quite a long walk if self handling.
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By mmcp42
of course silly me
I read that as IFR and VFR
talk about blinkered

having flown in and out a lot on commercial
they do seem to mix the two

fast jets doing circuits in between Ryanair plying their trade