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By aerobatic_dude
Hi all, ( hopefully right forum )

Planning a trip to the states next March. I've applied for verification of foreign licence via the FAA.

I've had a browse on the internet but looking for any real world experiences with rental schools and what ones people might recommend ( or not :evil: ) Looking to do probably circa 20hrs of touring around but don't want to be rushed and preferably not on a clapped out machine from the 60's :roll:

Or if anyone has any leads to private individuals with aircraft that offer such a service.

We will be two pilots, one flight instructor, both active line pilots on jets and active GA enthusiasts with tailwheel/aerobatic experience ( if anyone feels that is relevant )

Any help or advice would be great :thumleft:
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By Katamarino
I've rented a couple of times for 2-week trips from Channel Islands Aviation in Camarillo. I also rented a 182RG out of El Monte one time. CIA were excellent; nice aircraft, and lovely people!