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By defcribed
I'm stopping this nativity scene because I'm wading in to predict that the inn/stable/manager will soon be sold off for housebuilding.

Honestly, who is going to spend money resurfacing a stable and trying to scrape by on a tenner birthing fee from each ill-prepared travelling couple when you could build houses instead?
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By Chris Martyr
I think that Sir Morley's suggestion for a Christmas production is an excellent one .

But could give the Casting Director something of a headache . For instance ; how are we going to select three wise men on here . There'll be literally hundreds of 'em , all clamouring for just three places !
I guess selecting Mary would be slightly easier and I'm sure our lady contributors will see to that without any fuss . I wonder if Marj might be up for that one ... :D

But I believe that the real solution would be to stage a pantomime instead . The panto season goes on into the new year . which means that everybody will get a chance .
So ,,,who's going to be the back end of the panto-horse then ?.... :cyclopsani:

And let's keep it PC too :wink: ,,don't want any of you naughty boys coming up with any saucy double meanings OK... :lol: