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By MichaelP
I like the spanners in a low oven comment. What a good idea :thumleft:

I got to the airfield the other day and the met wasn't playing ball, so I tidied out the cupboard in the hangar.

Nothing wrong with playing ball!
Improves hand eye coordination, ‘got to be good for a pilot.
Perhaps we don’t play enough?
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By Charles Hunt
Paul hasn’t commented “Cake.”

I suspect this is cos he’s found if he’s bored at work he can just turn the internet off for a while so 30m others are peed off too.
G-JWTP wrote:Stick large pins into a doll that looks like the bloke that objected to a hard runway at Rochester.


Currently waterlogged.

Still Waterlogged.

Still things are looking up, found some longer, thicker pins at the back of the shed!

By masterofnone
TheFarmer wrote:Order a pizza and watch some porn.

Ooo, now you are talking! Is that farmer talk for watching the re-runs of the local ploughing competition? YouTube reviews of next year's combine? :wink:

I make a point of having other interests, at least one of which is a viable alternative in sh!te weather. No one wants to be the sad case, wasting their lives in utter futility, waiting for the sky to clear. Knock it on the head and get on with your life :D
Well I was going to have some quality time in the club PA28 in Funchal (sunny 22deg) this week but the sodding Ac (their only PA28) is in for annual till the end of the month

Consoling myself by sitting on the balcony in the blazing sunshine with an ice cold beer watching the hotel sparrowhawk scare the sh it out of the local pigeons.
Local raptor man (girl actually) comes in every morning and flies him for a couple hours .

Pigeons sh itting all over the balcony furniture and cossies is a thing of the past .

Peter :roll:
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I now have a normal routine:
I walk around La iena discovering the new patches of missing paint
I then spend the morning sitting in the aeroplane, trying to figure out where to find the money to repaint him
After that, which never has an answer, I start thinking of what to have for dinner and which will be the most appropriate wine to go with it.
Even in BKN007, it could be sunny skies on top.

Nothing better than a mucky IFR departure beneath to reach VMC-on-top (weather permitting) which always brings a smile to my face.

Then it's heading down south where the cloud base eventually rises, and eventually clears up to sunnier Med weather.

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Iceman wrote:How was the Funchal arrival Pete ?

Iceman 8)

TAF was wind light and variable I spoke to the pilot when he came out for a pee and went in front of me. He said they’d been given 23. However twenty mins out he came on to say ATC had switched him to 05

Gloriously smooth downwind as airport went down right side with loads of cabin chatter which as usual came to an abrupt end with the steep bank onto base/final to avoid terrain . The right wingtip always looks bloody close to the sea .Silky smooth touchdown with applause from the cabin (they’ve obvs never been in In February )
I do love Madeira and will come out again in the spring for some flying.

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AfricanEagle wrote:what to have for dinner and which will be the most appropriate wine to go with it.

Tesco value beans on Tesco value toast.

"Wine" from the cold tap.

Keep doing that for 5 years and you'll have the money for the repaint.

PeteSpencer wrote:and went in front of me

:shock: :shifty:
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By PeteSpencer
Paul_Sengupta wrote:
PeteSpencer wrote:and went in front of me

:shock: :shifty:

Didn’t want captain to land at (allegedly) one of the ten most dangerous airports (what bolleaux) with a full bladder :lol: