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By Cessna57
when it's BKN007, you've not flown for a couple of weeks because you've not been able to synchronise work and weather, you're away for the weekend so can't fly then, and there's an aircraft sitting on an apron waiting for you, fuelled to tabs.

I almost drove to the airfield today to sit in it and go through emergency drills. I might go do that on my sofa instead.

What do you do when the weather says "no", to cheer yourself up ?
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By Rob P
I got to the airfield the other day and the met wasn't playing ball, so I tidied out the cupboard in the hangar.

Rob P

Didn't cheer me up though. :(
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By MikeB
Our PA28's been in for its Annual for the last few weeks, and was returned to Cardiff just in time for my return from a lengthy overseas trip. Sadly a landing mishap means it's now grounded. My other aircraft is currently in for maintenance. I have consoled myself that the weather is pants so I wouldn't have been flying anyway.
When the weather is rubbish and the aeroplane is grounded I have to do all the stuff that the father of a young family is normally obliged to do. Parenting, massive DIY project, and more parenting. Basically all the stuff that I weasel out of when the weather is good and I can't resist the call of the blue.