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By ConcordeBA

After an unusually long period away from flying, my second flight back in the drivers seat was to begin the process of getting the IMC skills up to scratch and renew the expired rating (June 2018), and what better way to do it than during a cold front in the last week of October.


It was time to fly an RNAV approach at the edge of my abilities, through a cold front in IMC conditions into Lydd. In this extended video you can watch as I HAND fly this LNAV approach down to minimums with the help of my Instructor, in some 'real' IMC weather. This was a great confidence booster as the flight was almost IFR the whole duration, especially whilst conducting the non-precision approach.

Whilst this video is lengthy, it's a step by step of flying an RNAV (LNAV due no WAAS GPS) in full blown IMC conditions.

Some things learnt -
    * Plan ahead and think ahead
    * Get a better kneeboard for this type of aircraft and the type of flying I do
    * Never forget to plan the drift angle for my approaches
    * Write down on my knee-board the key things ATC say to me (For those who've seen the Task Saturation video)
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By ConcordeBA
Sandman wrote:A bit long but I found it to be highly educational. I'm nowhere near doing IFR yet but the video provides a good oversight of what's involved so thanks for sharing.


I appreciate it's long, but there's so much in the video as you say that's highly educational. I am glad that's what it's achieved; as there was so much I had to get rid of to keep it below the 30 minute mark. Most of what is included is relevant. Nobody in the UK does these type of video's. They are mostly kept to the US it seems. [Full length IFR videos].

You watched the shorter video? Task saturation?