Group flying opportunities & questions
By Shrek235
Aircraft: - Cessna 172 H
Based: - Shoreham – South England
Monthlies: - £70pm
Rate: - £30ph dry – work on 30ltrs @ £1.81 pl = Wet rate of around £85 ph.
Share price: - £1,500 – Very negotiable - make me an offer.
Reason for sale:- Distance to travel to airport too great now
Availability: - Good – even for a 20-member group. Longer trips no issue. She has been to Venice and back over a 5-day period.
Radios – 8.33 compliant – two new radios plus audio panel fitted May 2017
IFR equipped but not compliant for airways flying
Website: -
Restrictions: -
Other: - Insurance excess is £1,000 until you have 25 hours on TYPE then it is £500.
Contact: - Private message me in the first instance and we can go from there.

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By Wicksay
I'll definitely keep an eye on your group. It's far too early for me to commit to a group share as I am not starting my PPL til mid Oct, but when the time comes I will be in touch with you to explore possibilities further ...
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