Group flying opportunities & questions
By rcard1994
We are looking to establish a new group share to be based at either Kemble or Gloucester. Currently, we are looking at purchasing a PA28-161 (or Robin 2112/Beagle Pup if we find the right aircraft)

Rough costings will be a 1/6 share costing around £5000 - £7000, at approximately £65-75 per month and £85 an hour wet which will include landing fees. No dry cost with the idea of a flexible booking system.

Currently we have 3 interested. A mix of commercial and private flying experience so would ideally be looking another 3 like minded pilots to join and help us establish a new group share.

We want to create a fun, friendly and diverse group of all experience levels and backgrounds so please feel free to email me with any questions you have, or if you prefer i can give you my number so we can have a chat about it over the phone.

Please message for more details
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By Robin Mosedale
If you settle on a 2112 or decent DR400 I'd be more than interested. PA28-161 not interested at all. Gloucestershire airport but not Kemble.
PM me if you wish
By rcard1994
Hi Robin,

Thanks for your message. Unfortunately it will probrably end up being a PA28 we get and we're eering on the side of Kemble at the moment in terms of location so doesnt look like it fits what your looking for.

However, plans change, so if we do end up going down more of the route your interested in I will certainly let you know!

By peterps0992
I am currently in a share of a Sportcruiser, at Kemble, which is in the process of being sold. I would be interested, and am flexible on aircraft type, at least initially.

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By MikeB
Count me in as one of the 3. If Swansea is not too far away for you guys, there is a 1/3 Saratoga share available there that they are looking to split into a group of 6. Another option I am aware of is that Brinkleys are currently restoring a Saratoga that will be available with glass avionics and a custom paint job....