To discuss anything which relates to the FLYER Airportal or the magazine
By patowalker
Recent posts have been relegated to halfway down the page. If stickies were highlighted, it would be easier to know what to ignore. :)
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By stevelup
It’s not ideal, but go to the last post of each sticky. The icon will then be gray and make them easier to skip past.

Agree there are too many. They take up the whole first page on my devices.
By Boxkite
I always ignore all stickies (pinned). I can't be bothered to check if any have changed or been added. I never read their titles and just go straight to the first thread below them.
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By Morten
As an alternative, if you access the forum through the 'New posts' list, it doesn't show the Stickies at all unless they have changed.
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By skydriller
Soooo....where's the videos thread now?

Maybe it could be "Stuck" into the trips section?

regards, SD..