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By joe-fbs
Lots of mentions of Seething around the forum but not in this ATIS area.

Yesterday, we went to Seething. It is a lovely destination just south of Norwich (it is well OCAS if you are CAS dodger). It is a delightful destination, run as a co-operative and deserves supporting.

The flying club is at the east end, north of the runway. There is a nice clubhouse. On Sundays, the day that we visited, one of the members cooks for the others and visitors can partake. There is no choice (other than varieties of cake). On the Sunday that we went, it was quiche with potatoes and peas followed by summer fruit crumble. All very well cooked real food and a complete give-away at two pounds including coffee. Soft drinks were IIRC another pound each. I understand that the nice lady cooks more extensively on Saturdays and Wednesdays.

Landing fee is voluntary, put cash in an envelope and post in a box. The suggested amount for a single is ten pounds. As it happens I did that first and not having change gave a twenty having already decided that it was deserved. Given how little they charged for food and drink, I am rather pleased that I did!

The website has a PPR form but in reality all one does is call by telephone to check all is well.

There are lights which they will activate if you ask in advance. They are PCL once switched on. They are not permanently available because they were once misused by smugglers.

There is a museum in the WWII control tower at the west end, south of the runway. It is open first Sunday of each month (not winter). Full of interesting stuff about the wing of Liberators that was there during the war. They have sausage rolls, cakes and drinks for sale.

Whichever end you are visiting, you can walk between the two around the perimeter track.

We went back to Turweston the long way round via Caistor and Clacton. All rather lovely.
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By PeteSpencer
I second joe-fbs appreciation of Seething: The tower museum has one of the most comprehensive and moving collections of documents and photographs I have ever seen in a Tower Museum.

Last time I went there were plnty of members willing to give pilots a lift to the museum and back.

I was given a guided tour of their hangars which feature turntables for space maximisation.

Most civilised and welcoming.

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By Sooty25
The club also owns the airfield, so unlikely to ever be booted out in favour of housing.
By James33

... can't say I've ever got quite so angry after landing somewhere. Anger management?