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By Moli
Sorry GtE, only just seen your post. There is some very detailed info on the web, just google Mach Loop and you will find info on locations etc. There are also various FB pages with loads of images on that people have taken.
Obviously the better the camera/lens (and operator!), generally the better the photos. There is no "timetable or programme" for the flying but your best bet tends to be Monday to Friday “office hours". There is flying outside those times but its even more sporadic and none at weekends.
The walks up are not long but some of them can be a little strenuous, walking boots and and poles are a good idea. Take layered clothing, it can be warm and cold on the same day.
The weather plays a large part, any low cloud is going to preclude much action as the aircraft need to be VMC to get below MSA and when they are doing 420 knots they obviously don't take unnecessary risks.
Just lately there has been a bit of bother with people turning up for the first time and pi$$ing farmers off by leaving gates open and endangering livestock and leaving litter behind. Whatever goes up with you, must come back down with you. If you have any specific questions I'll do my best to answer them.