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Paragraph 3 of ORS4 No. 1269 states:

This exemption applies to any person holding an appropriate licence (in this paragraph, “the licence”) issued under article 152 of the Air Navigation Order 2016 (“the Order”) (or under the equivalent provision in any prior Air Navigation Order) when that person is:

Article 152 of ANO 2016 refers to licences issued in accordance with ANO Schedule 8, which includes the UK national PPL and NPPL.

@Bathman I am self convinced a way will come. In one way, the lapl is currently better protected than a cpl when it comes to pilots wanting to convert. A foreign cpl with expired ratings can convert to an EASA cpl by ato assessment. A very capable nppl-m pilots with hundreds of fixed wing 3 axis hours even with european tours in their logs cannot convert to a lapl(a). Standards of lapl(a) holders must be fantastic if they don't want to dilute the LAPL(A)'s reputation with such microlight pilots
(Suppose I had better put :roll: )
Ps: title should say "still" in preference to "now"
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