To discuss anything which relates to the FLYER Airportal or the magazine
I did this in a thread recently to demonstrate that the subject was not only discussed before, but a totally conflicting view was expressed by a forumite.

I can’t see why the mods think it should be curbed. It was relevant.
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Flyin'Dutch' wrote:Most of the time quote or reference will do the job.

Resurrecting old threads which are often several pages long is contra productive.

It might be a case of trying to teach granny forumites to suck eggs, but I wonder how well known it is that you can link direct to a post in the thread, and this might be sometimes more helpful than resurrecting the whole thread.

In my Nexus tablet, you do this by holding on the post number in question, and the select the option "copy link address".

As an example, I've linked below to FD's post I have quoted above.

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By JonathanB
If you're on a normal computer, right-click on the post number in the top right (#1608911 in your case above) and you should find it (or something worded similarly) in the drop down.
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By Geldard
I think that, for example, we have had at least three goes at talking about “the best folding bicycles for flying” where we have had to repeat our posts.
Reviving a past thread here would not result in ‘old’ material, but information that is still relevant and save he time and hassle of duplication.
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