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By Lerk
Hi all,
Being a bit of a technogeek, I've been looking at the PilotAware system to add an extra layer of swiss cheese to my flying, but as a renter not an owner, I can't quite work out just how portable the setup can be.

Does anyone have any photos of a portable setup in use and a description of how the set up process goes as part of the preflight experience?

Of course I'll then have to wait for them to be in stock anyway, but hey ho!
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By GrahamB
I don't have a photo to hand, but I use mine as a 'carry-on' even though I generally only fly my own aircraft.

The PilotAware box sits on top of an EasyAcc power pack with the two velcro strapped together. I use the EasyAcc short USB lead to link them, as the PAW supplied one is quite long (but you do need to be careful, as any power lead must be of sufficient spec to carry the current; lots of issues have been experienced by people substituting a lower spec power lead)

The only untidy bit is the ADSB/Mode C/S antenna and lead; if I could be bothered I'd mod the unit to add a different antenna attached to the case itself (or put the whole lot in a single case, there are a number of options) but I just don't have the time.
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By Paul_Sengupta
I also use mine as a carry-on. I take the power from the aircraft though and use a car USB adaptor (Anker) to power it. I've stuck some rubber feet on the bottom of the case to stop it sliding around.

You can save profiles in the setup for the different aircraft you rent so you can load the one in for which aeroplane you're flying that particular day.
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By Lerk
I wonder if it’s because I’m viewing as a guest... I thought it was a text based forum as I haven’t seen any photos on there at all!
I’ve registered so will see if pictures appear once I’m logged in.
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By Lerk
Just had my forum account accepted and yes, photos do appear when you’re logged in!
I’ve also asked for an idea of when the bridges will be available again - they were in stock a couple of months ago, but I was mainly flying circuits at the time so talked myself out of it....
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By Paul_Sengupta
As far as I understand, the Bridges are generally out of stock because of the demand for the full units which are swallowing them all up. I believe Cessna57 has made some available on request though.

As for the full units, I believe they're selling so quickly that they're only just keeping up with demand.
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By Flyin'Dutch'
flybymike wrote:Any idea how many units are out there now?

Think it is a closely guarded secret - I asked the same in a post some months back, no reply.

FLARM is a lot less coy.

FLARM is the state-of-the-art traffic information, collision avoidance and remote identification technology used in general aviation, installed on over 35’000 manned aircraft and already tens of thousands of UAS. FLARM is the most popular solution in the lower airspace outside major airports: around half of Europe’s manned aircraft plus countless other airspace users such as UAS, r/c model aircraft, and para/hang-gliders are equipped with it.
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