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By BehyBill
Had the same after doing 100h in SEPs, suprisingly that phobia comes out of nothing in very calm days with no traffic around or passengers, that disapered after looging a similar time in gliders as it enforces more hight is good.

Was not afraid of hight during my PPL trainning or when trying free fall jumps from FL160, it is just that in close cokpit "alone" where it happens :shock:
I went to see a hypnotist last week prior to today's lesson, I've got to say it made a big difference, no anxiety, no vertigo and massively improved my enjoyment of the flight, the conditions where extremely lumpy as well. I know a lot of people are dismissive of hypnotherapy as some sort of stage show quackery, so was I before I tried it, but it really worked for me, and even if it doesn't I bet it will be the most relaxing 60 minutes you will have spent in a long time.
By N1120A
In my aviation journey, I've actually learned that what seems like a large number of pilots don't like heights. I know I don't, and I'm perfectly comfortable in an airplane. I think you have to embrace your fear and understand that you are the one controlling height.