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By Iceman
Brings back some fabulous memories of similar flights that I did around the Southern Alps and Milford Sound back in 95. Stunning pictures. We landed on the Franz Joseph glacier at about 9000 ft, having lowered the skis after takeoff from sea level.

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By johnm
Yes me too, some great memories triggered, if anyone else fancies it I can heartily recommend these guys
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By Rob L
Only just spotted these, Moli; what fantastic pictures! Can we expect a trip report (at least of the flying bit?)

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By Moli
Hi Rob

I did think about it, but probably not as it wasn't so much of a "trip" as a series of flights locally around the Southern Alps and some local strips, the pictures tell the story far better than I could.

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By Iceman
Wow, that is a truly stunning picture, befitting such a stunningly beautiful place. Having driven there myself, I stayed in the hotel, and did the boat trip.

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