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By Bob Upanddown
Over the past couple of days, I have posted four times on the GA forum. Two of those posts are there but the other two seem either to have never made it to the thread or have disappeared. Once I can put down to finger trouble but two seems a bit strange.
Using Firefox if that make any difference.
By cockney steve
May have been moderated....thread-drift a bit too far, /irrelevant /norty words.....I know :oops: :wink:

It's just a Forum, albeit a generally good and useful one.- the world still turns, let it go. :thumleft:
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By The Admin Team
When we moderate we commonly make a comment in the post or use blue ink. Sometimes we will PM a contributor if a post has been moderated and more background is needed.

As Mick W wrote - commonly people don't see the 'someone has posted' warning