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Dave W wrote:@dominicm, some of these are very impressive and of course many pilots have an R/C modelling background.

I do think these videos are more suitable for an R/C forum than a GA one, though.

Given that they are posted under 'aviation photography' I don't see a problem, and the work is already well known elsewhere in the R/C world.

I think the variety and sophistication of the subject matter it extremely interesting, it may not 'add' to the experience of a typical GA flyer in terms of hands on flying experience but I would have thought simply seeing what is being flown as 'a model' these days and the benefits that todays technology has brought would be of interest to anyone interested in anything that flies.

Some of these 'models' are flying at 70% scale, I can only see that as being fascinating to anyone interested in any machine that flies. At 61 years of age and having worked in aviation for over 30 years now I've seen many things, I don't tire of seeing anything that relates to flying; maybe I'm just childish and naive.
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Filmed at the Large Model Association Cosford Show. You can't deny the effort and skill that must go into designing, building and flying this superb giant scale models. It was a challenging day for flying with the cross wind but nothing deters the pilots from putting on a display for the paying public.

Out again for my second flying session with this awesome Extra 330LX. I'm liking it more and more each time I fly it. I've got a 35% scale Krill Extra 330SC ready to fly BUT I'm going to get my raise my skills with this Extra 330LX before I take that for a spin!

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Brilliant VTOL. So simple to fly even in strong wind ! Take-off vertically, transition to normal flight with flick of a switch, and then flick switch back for vertical landing (or hand grab). Superb.

Fantastic DH.91 built and flown by Peter Harbusch. At 1:8 scale and 4 metres wingspan and 2.7 metres length this is a large scale model which looks impressive in the air. Take off weight is ~20 kg. The wing profile is NACA 2415. The four motors are brushless 1000W with 15x8 vario-prop. 5 x 5S-5000 lipos are used for each flight.

More info here:

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A very nice flight of this MD-11 nearly ended in disaster with the less than graceful landing. Failure to flare resulted in the nose wheel touching down just before the mains and pitching the aircraft up into an unrecoverable stall.

This McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Martinair Cargo has 1 turbine engine. It is 3.23 metres wingspan and is 3.80 metres in length. Scale of the model is 1/16.

The Pilatus PC-21 is a turboprop-powered advanced trainer with a stepped tandem cockpit. The full size aircraft is manufactured by Pilatus Aircraft of Switzerland. This model kit is manufactured by Tomahawk Design in Germany. In the air it looks and sounds no different to the full size aircraft. It is powered by a JetCat turbo-prop engine.

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An amazing piece of aeromodelling. Flown with the famous Reds Duo who we regularly see on the UK RC Show circuit.

Technical specification of the Concorde
Scale: 1:6
Wingspan: 4 metres
Length: 10 metres
Height: 1.85 metres
Take-off weight: 149 kilogrammes
Turbine: 4 x Jetcat P300
Fuel: 4 x 6 Litres

Transmitter used is a PowerBox CORE with a PowerBox PBR-26D receiver. This Concorde model has 18 Hacker TD2612S servos !

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I've flight tested a few of these all-in-the-box ready to fly models this year, and this is certainly the best looking one so far. Looks good and flies good. Perfect for the RC pilot who doesn't have time to build or assemble an RC plane. It's 3 flight modes allow a relative new RC pilot to enjoy it and use a trick/aerobatic button to make the P-51 do loops and rolls with a stick input. Expert mode removes the restriction on flying inverted and gives the pilot full control to fly their owner aerobatics. Flight time is really good at 7-8 minutes but dependent on throttle use obviously. It can move quite quickly so I was flying around at half throttle most of the time despite the gusty wind.

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