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That isn't on imgur - I wonder if something somewhere is blocking that site for you?

Here's a picture of a plane in a hanger that is not hosted on imgur:

Here's the same image hosted on imgur:

Does one work and not the other?
Even weirder...

I had a look at fixes for this, but got distracted by the need to stick things in boxes prior to moving house. This morning I notice that images are now visible.

The only change is that dear old Vodafone disconnected our broadband over a week early. Rather than connecting my PC via cable to the router, I'm left with plugging in my mobile direct to my PC via USB and hoping for a reasonable signal. :roll:

Coincidence that images hosted on imgur are now visible? :scratch:
Could well be!

I spent much of yesterday (in between Daddy parenting duties) trying to work out why my email wouldn't login properly on my home wifi but was ok on 4G when another account on the same server was fine. In the end turning the Sky router on and off again fixed the problem (previously I thought I'd rebooted it through the web interface, but evidently that didn't work!). :roll:
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