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By Lefty
Where can I get a user guide telling me how to use all the features of the Flyer Forum?
In particular, today I am struggling to find how to read my historic PM's - and I have struggled to find how to initiate sending a pm.
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By JonathanB
There isn't one at the moment, but it's a good idea - maybe I'll see what I can do while I'm on breaks at work!

For now, if you click the drop down in the menu top-right, you should get a control panel option which takes you to your settings and PMs.
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By JonathanB
The quick way to send someone a PM is by clicking on their avatar (or the circle where it says "no image") from any of their posts. This brings up the user's mini profile from where a PM can be sent using the speech bubble icon in the bottom right.
The @ icon brings up the email form and there maybe others depending on the user's profile.

Clicking their username itself from any post, or the View full profile button from their mini profile shows their main profile page where the same icon is available along with other options such as searching for all their posts.