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By Jonzarno
An excellent GA friendly airport located close (15 miles) to Düsseldorf.

ILS and VOR approaches are available.

When I went in August 2009 I received vectors to the ILS on runway 13 from Langan radar who handled the approach.

Landing fee & two days parking came to a total of €43.68.

Everyone was very friendly and the service was excellent.
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By Paul_Sengupta
You can get the bus from the airport into town, where you can be dropped off at the railway station if going on somewhere. At least you could last time I flew in there on a commercial flight from London City!
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By joe-fbs
Diverted here recently. They were most helpful, giving me a vector straight into their zone onto a seven mile final. The first person we met, took our landing fee but was otherwise utterly dismissive and unhelpful. There was no Wi-Fi. After a snack lunch, I took my problem to the Safety Management System Officer and she proved most helpful, sorting out faxing my flight plan (yes, they still have that infrastructure over there) and printing me a page of TAFs. Self-service refuel with credit card .
Largish airport in a control zone. Dozens of light GA based there with some biz jets and signs that they have some commercial traffic. It appears that they also have rides available in a Tante Ju and a DH Dove. Helpful if you find the right person.
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By Paul_Sengupta
joe-fbs wrote:signs that they have some commercial traffic

There used to be a service to London City (I've flown on it when I was working in Dusseldorf!) but don't think that's the case any more.