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By chipmeisterc
Samung galaxy s6 - Portrait mode.

Load into forums and page loads - go to press Active Topics button and just as I do banner ad loads which then pushes content down screen and puts the Mark as Read button right under my finger which I then press. Happened quite a few times now.

Not the end of the world but thought I'd mention if it is an easy tweak to fix.
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By FlightDek
Me too

I've lost count the number of times that, just as I go to select a topic, everything jumps down a bit and I end up in the wrong topic
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By BobD
Since I have started using an Android tablet to read the forum, it drives me nuts the way the index or topics page jumps about when I return to it after reading a post. I think this is due in part the advertisement at the top of the page being the last item loaded. Can the items to be loaded not be done in top down order to avoid this annoying niggle ?
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By davey
Agree with the above, in fact, and although this is going to sound very petty, it's the reason I don't visit the forums as often as I used to.