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By seanjd
Scared myself on my last flight :shock:
I am an 80 hour PPL with 13 hours on tailwheel, and 5 hours on type.

Runway in use on take off was 28, the wind was 300@12kts. I did consider asking to use 31, and think this was a factor that stuck in my mind on RTB, but I decided that I would be ok taking off from 28 and it would be good crosswind practise. I went through the crosswind take off technique during taxi, lined up and went. I was slightly surprised at how much correction I had to use on taking off and did veer left of the centreline, but corrected accordingly and settled down to climbing out. I remember thinking that I would definately ask for 31 on landing, again cementing 31 in my mind. It was a bit 'lumpy' on climb out, but smoothed out above 1400ft, and was a lovely evening for flying. I climbed to 4000ft and did some steep turns, slow flight, stalls, glide and sideslips. Time to head back.
I called for rejoin and was given the wind at 012/12kts and given my choice of runway and join. Why I didn't opt for 10, I don't know, but chose 31 and was given clearance to join downwind. I didn't even think to calculate the crosswind component and I don't recall looking at the windsock!
I called downwind, turned base, then final and given landing clearance. Approach was good, but hard work keeping lined up. I flared a bit high and bounced slightly, then decided to go around. Powered up, levelled off and then for some reason decided to land. Power off, flare and again a slightly heavy landing but with a smaller bounce this time. Then I realised I was going off to the right into wind and it took all my effort to keep on the runway which I only just managed, but at one point the right wing was raising and I thought I was going to scrape the left wing and ground loop. It all happened very fast but I managed to stop, collect myself and taxi slowly back in. Even the ATCO called and said those tailwheel aircraft can be tricky in a crosswind.
I felt a right idiot and consider myself very lucky to have got away without any damage.
On reflection, I realise that my concerns with the crosswind before taking off, I had already made the decision to use 31 on landing. I did not take on board the wind direction and strength on rejoin, and then did not consider the crosswind component and the options on landing. I did not look at the windsock either. Why did I abort the go around, I don't know, but once committed to it, I should have carried it through.

A few lessons learnt for me, for sure.
By rusty eagle
Flying a tailwheel aircraft can be a humbling and educational experience. But it makes you a better pilot a the end of the day.

Glad nothing was broken :)
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By AndyR
We've all had scares, particularly in a tailwheel with crosswinds. The main thing is that you are safe, the aircraft is in one piece and you will have learned a lot from your experience.

Did you have the correct aileron input on the rollout out of interest?
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By Cessna57
Interestingly I posted something similiar last year, on returning to the club house I was "told" in no uncertain terms, by a wise man, "You only made one mistake, you didn't go around"

I think I made the same mistake as you.. "I've got this, I'll have another go"

My question is, are you unhappy because of the bad landing, or because you didn't go around ?
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By seanjd
I don't think I had the correct aileron input on touchdown, but unsure now tbh.

Once I committed to go around, I should have carried it through. Consider myself lucky on this occasion, but lesson learnt.
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By foxmoth
I called for rejoin and was given the wind at 012/12kts and given my choice of runway and join. Why I didn't opt for 10,

Not sure why you would go for 10 - that gives you a 90 degree crosswind from the left rather than a 60 degree from the right on 31? TBH over 60 degrees cross you count it as full crosswind, but on 31 you at least had a slight headwind which also helps, in addition of course, if you swing into wind you reduce the crosswind a lot faster than if it is 90 off, so making it easier to correct.

I don't think I had the correct aileron input on touchdown, but unsure now tbh.

One reason I much prefer wing down in taildraggers, you automatically end up with correct aileron if done properly!
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By Rob P
foxmoth wrote:One reason I much prefer wing down in taildraggers,

As a matter of interest how much wing-down are you happy with on the RV

It looks to me as if there is not too much scope before the wingtip grazes the strip?

Rob P
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By foxmoth
You can do a fair amount, though the RV is pretty easy in a crosswind anyway as you will know. Certainly Seans should be able to do wing down with no problem! :thumleft: