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By Keef
I've used Troyes for years, and found them always friendly and helpful. I e-mail the Customs address a few days before to tell them we're coming. They have a little bungalow over the road from the airport, but it looks deserted and they've never turned up to check us.
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By GrahamB
There's a posting on another forum by someone who has just visited Troyes, having booked customs as per the AIP. He was met by four polite but firm douaniers/police who gave home the slip and advised him of the new PPR timings.

Someone needs to advise them that unless they put it in the AIP, the current PPR times and means of notification will remain the expectation by visitors!
By Buzz53
skydriller wrote:Thats pretty much what you need from the UK isnt it? Imigration during ATIS (ie English speaking) hours? And I guess the VAC is actually correct in providing a number to call and they would tell you what notice they need (or not)....

Out of interest, what kind of fees are they charging these days? Did you by any chance use a Hotel/taxi etc?

Regards, SD..

Well, it was the fact that you now need to book ahead for a weekend transit that bothered me, as that reeks far too much of planning! I'm sure I have arrived during the ATIS lunch break as well (to the amusement no doubt of proper French speakers) which is also now verboten it seems. Just noticed it's on their website too, again with the Sunday/Monday oddity: ... ures/271/0

Looks like the landing fee for < 1 T was 7 Euros (inland flight in this case). Fuel 1.86 Euro.

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By skydriller
GrahamB wrote:Someone needs to advise them that unless they put it in the AIP, the current PPR times and means of notification will remain the expectation by visitors!

Absolutely. The AIP is there for this stuff, and they cant complain if you comply with it unless there is a NOTAM modifying its content...Just checked, nothing on NOTAMs. But the VAC just has a Douane number, nothing has no hours, PPR times or anything, so I guess the question is whether you interpret the VAC as "You need to call the Douane number and comply with their requirements" or "They have Douanes and I can pitch up as I want, the number is there if I need to talk to them beforehand"...And I suspect the former is what they actually mean... :wink:

Buzz, the Sunday/Monday thing is pretty common in France - Banks usually open Saturday and close Mondays, with many shops doing the same thing. Bearing in mind the aerodrome is "Fr Only" outside ATS times, I think they are being pretty reasonable for foriegn arrivals - you just have to remember that in France nothing happens between 12 and 3 except lunch... :pig:
By straighten_up
Just had another look at the AIP and it does say Sat-Mon whereas on the website it says sat, mon. I sent an email to say anyway so we will see what comes back. The douanes didn't speak any English so I had to break out my pigeon French.
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By Awful Charlie
I tried to use Troyes for my return from the UK just over a week ago. I send my e-mail at 15:30UTC for a proposed arrival the next day at around midday, and at 19:06Z they responded:
Vous devez déclarer votre vol 24h à l'avance, et la demande doit nous parvenir avant 16h (hiver) ou 17h (été).
Veuillez également renseigner la demande en pièce jointe.
with a .odt file (Open/LibreOffice doc - normal date/time/from/to/reg/type/owner, but nothing about PoB or their names!)

The NOTAM was
FAX: +33 (0)3 87 36 00 84

and noting more limiting in the AIP or the Troyes website for "24hrs PNR", so I re-planned and went via Calais!

Not impressed and distinctly annoyed!
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By Pete L
Stopped here on 7th and 9th July 2017. Self service fuel, pay pompier at reception. Nominally closed for lunch but make blind calls, have a meal either in Le Coucou or the hotel down the road and pay them when ready!

Le Coucou closed Sunday. Food on the Friday was very good.

If I read the AIP correctly, only need to book extended hours beyond the normal weekend opening hours, but I might be wrong. We were fine on the Sunday since there were enough visitors that one of them may have booked ahead.

AVGAS 1.50 plus tax.