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By Anon
I'm a student and was returning in a PA28 to my home airfield (FIS) after a solo Navigation exercise. After joining the circuit I performed a couple of touch and go landings without event.

The circuit was becoming more busy. I turned onto final for my third touch and go and was number two. The runway was occupied with a Cirrus following me. Since the runway was occupied, the pilot ahead called for a go around which left me next in line to land.

I carried on with the approach knowing that the runway was occupied but may be vacated in time for me to land. After a minute or more, I realised that there wouldn't be enough time and decided to go around. Before I could announce my intention, the Cirrus behind me called for a go around.

At this point I knew it was unsafe to land and I also knew that the Cirrus was a lot faster than me. I announced my intention to go around also and was told by the FISO that the Cirrus was overhead. Why was he overhead, he should have moved to the right, maybe he did, I can't see him, what should I do?

I decided to apply full power but climb at a shallow angle to avoid bumping into anything above and then turning early onto crosswind to avoid the plane I couldn't see. The FISO announced, "It appears G-WXYZ has made an early turn onto crosswind". It was at this point that I thought that I may have done something wrong but on the other hand I couldn't think of what else I should/could have done.

I continued around and landed safely, followed by the Cirrus.

Should I have done anything differently? What would you have done?
By dave_kent
I've been there myself and had to announce that I couldn't see the other traffic. Fortunately the FISO could tell me, so I could take the appropriate action. If really in doubt I would have climbed slowly to a safe height but under the circuit height, and extended the distance until the turn to crosswind so I could get visual and a mental picture of the traffic.

I'm a low hours PPL, so would be interested in other views.

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By Rob P
Good call.

I'd have done exactly what you did but the radio would have been

"G-XXXX Going around with early left turnout for safety"; Remembering to closely monitor my speed before the turn.

Remember, at an FIS airfield you are solely responsible for airborne manoeuvres, not the 'controller'

Rob P
By jayeff
Always a nasty situation when you're not visual with something you know to be in close proximity. As mentioned above, a radio call to that effect would probably result in the FISO or Cirrus driver giving you the picture from which you can then decide a course of action.

What on earth was occupying the runway that caused three aircraft to go around? A giant slug?
By johnm
What on earth was occupying the runway that caused three aircraft to go around? A giant slug?

I'd guess someone with a bit of a problem or a complete ****!
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By Flyin'Dutch'
You could have asked the FISO or Cirrus driver for the Cirrus' position and/or if he had you visual.

If you're not sure you can always go-around, climb ahead rather than go back in the cct and come back later, and advising the FISO/other traffic you are doing so.
I had called downwind. But when I turned base I heard an aircraft on the ground told to "take off at your discretion".
As I turned and called 'final' it's sitting lined up. And it just sits. I call "Going round" and as it disappears under my nose, I see him start his take off run.
Now I should go around over the right hand side of the runway and I do but I don't have him visual after checking ASI for flap retraction speed.

It's a left hand circuit but most pilots turn right after take off. I know I must still have height over the other plane and decide to turn crosswind half way down the rwy to avoid conflict with the plane climbing up to me.
As I approach the down wind leg still climbing, FISO admonishes me for infringing a sound sensitive area inside the crosswind leg. I checked my SkyDemon log afterwards and I was inside the avoid area.

I'm a low hour PPL and it occurs to me that I should have gone wider to get a visual of the climbing plane. But my first reaction was to just get clear before he could reach me. And I guess I should have made some sort of radio call. But I just wanted to be clear of a plane I couldn't see. I felt bad for weeks after.
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By Danny
Nothing to feel bad about. You made a judgement and all are still around to discuss the issue. No one in the noise avoidance area was hurt either and always remember these are important but are nothing in comparison to flight safety and as you decided it's far better to fly over one than bump into another aircraft.
By Spooky
jayeff wrote:
What on earth was occupying the runway that caused three aircraft to go around? A giant slug?

Another Cirrus with the landing 'chute deployed?