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By jollyrog
I visited Aberporth today and had the most friendly welcome and one of the best experiences at an aerodrome so far.

En-route from Waterford to London, I'd filed GAR for Aberporth last week and called yesterday to confirm it was OK. Barry in ATC said he was reasonably sure it would be OK but to call today to confirm, which I did. All OK and I was given a complete briefing. Don't let the RA(T) and Danger Areas put you off, it's not an issue at all if you follow the instructions.

Approach was easy, runway and aerodrome in excellent condidion. We were met by two extremely polite and pleasant Special Branch officers who'd selected usfor examination. All over and done with in about 15 minutes with minimal fuss and no stress, followed by tea/coffee/orange squash provided for us by Ops. Barry obtained TAFs for me before departure and walked across the apron to hand them to over as I was boarding for the return.

There were many UAV people there and one UAV ready for testing. It was pretty obvious that security was an issue, there was a security presence as we walked past UAV (as you'd expect) and I can guess what the reaction might have been if I'd sprung a camera - which I didn't. None of this had any impact on the visit though.

This is a place that's well worth a visit. £15 for a PA28, including the refreshments.
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By Tarnish
It will be UAV land, but by all accounts welcomes GA with PPR:

Years since I visited, but they were a friendly lot and very proud of the airfields history.

edited to say that westwalesairport.blah blah has been taken by anti war "Peace and Justice" types if you want some light reading :wink:

By johnm
"Kettle's on" in response to a call to announce myself on final!

Me too and it was boiling nicely as we walked into the tower :-)
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By BlackheathBloke
Used West Wales over the weekend, for a visit to Aberporth and the coast.

Only hopped over from Haverfordwest, where I'd dropped some friends off so all of a 12 minute flight. :D

Called them at 4.15 to reconfirm they'd be there until 5 (having called the previous day to confirm that my plans fitted in with them being there) and I was ok to land just after 4.30

Runway in superb nick, nice easy taxi to parking. I've got the costs somewhere, will dig them out later)

They don't generally open on Saturdays, but told them I'd be flying out on Sunday after lunch. They generally open from 10 to 2, but can extend if you need to leave later. As I was only hopping back to Haverfordwest, agreed to be out of there before 2. A slight communi8cation error meant the field wasn't open when I arrived, but the airfield manager turned up within half an hour to allow me to leave.

Nice little spot, I stayed at the nearby (and recently reopend/refurbished) Penrallt Country House Hotel which was good too. It's about a 15 minute walk from the airfield, and Aberporth and the coastal path is about another 15 minutes walk from the hotel.