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By Pete L
Friendly coastal airport close-ish to St Malo.

Couple of Ryanair flights per day, so proper customs all day - makes it easy as a port of entry/exit a bit further on than Cherbourg. Very friendly customs, security, fuellers.

Landing fees and fuel managed by fire service, rest in the terminal. As Dave W and I will attest, the fuel dongles don't work very well, and it's a long walk from fuel to pompiers - but when they come to fix it, they might give you a lift. :thumright:

Cost about 15 euros to get into St Malo. We stayed in the Ibis Centre Historique, which is fine - but has very steep stairs and a lift that is not for the claustrophobic or the Rubens model.
By DavidHoul52
Flew there today, and indeed the staff at the airport are very friendly, but are quite sticky about procedures.

We spent more than an hour just refuelling and paying landing fees. Some tips - park first in the parking near the control tower initially even if you want to fuel up straight away. Go to the office marked "Landing Fees" and get a "key" for the fuel. Taxi to the fuel. The prompts on the terminal are in French - respond "oui" to all of them. Step outside to the pump - roll up the cover. Press the green button to roll out the hose (after attaching the ground lead to the aircraft). Reset the guage by turning the round lever to the right of it. This will start the pump. After you have finished press the red button to stop it. Press the green button again to roll up the hose.

Taxi back to the parking. Pay the landing fee (7 euros for 2 hours, 20 euros for longer). Go to arrivals. Even though you may not see a soul, don't go further than the "stop" sign. Eventually will be noticed and your passport checked etc. Your pilots licence too.

If you need a taxi into town there are phone numbers outside next to the taxi stand. There is no cash machine at the airport,
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