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Last updated: 22nd November 2017

11/10/2017£2.26Stornoway (EGPO)Image
19/10/2017£2.15Inverness (Flying Club) (EGPE)Image
11/10/2017£2.14Enniskillen/St Angelo Airport (EGAB)Image
11/10/2017£2.10Tingwall Airport (EGET)Image
11/10/2017£2.09Oban (EGEO)Image
11/10/2017£2.02Breighton (EGBR)Image
06/11/2017£1.992Carlisle (EGNC)Image
11/10/2017£1.92Retford/Gamston (EGNE)Image
04/11/2017£1.87East Midlands Airport (EGNX)Image
11/10/2017£1.86Exeter (EGTE)Image[4]
11/10/2017£1.85Peterborough/Sibson Airport (EGSP)Image
11/10/2017£1.84Goodwood (EGHR)Image
11/10/2017£1.84Leicester (EGBG)Image
11/10/2017£1.83Guernsey (EGJB)Image[1]
11/10/2017£1.80Perth/Scone (EGPT)Image
03/11/2017£1.79Blackbushe (EGLK)Image
11/10/2017£1.78Fenland Airfield (EGCL)Image
11/10/2017£1.76Cumbernauld Airport (EGPG)Image
11/10/2017£1.76Isle of Wight/Sandown (EGHN)Image
19/10/2017£1.76Manchester/Barton (EGCB)Image[4]
11/10/2017£1.75Shoreham (EGKA)Image
11/10/2017£1.74Coventry (EGBE)Image
01/11/2017£1.73Oxford (EGTK)Image
11/10/2017£1.70Beverley/Linley Hill Airfield (EGNY)Image
11/10/2017£1.70Enstone Airfield (EGTN)Image
09/10/2017£1.70Old Buckenham (EGSV)Image[6]
11/10/2017£1.69Kemble (EGBP)Image
11/10/2017£1.69Sherburn-in-Elmet (EGCJ)Image
11/10/2017£1.69Turweston (EGBT)Image
11/10/2017£1.68RAF Breighton (EGBR)Image
01/11/2017£1.68Redhill (EGKR)Image
11/10/2017£1.67Popham (EGHP)Image
11/10/2017£1.63Shobdon (EGBS)Image
05/11/2017£1.60Thruxton (EGHO)Image
22/11/2017£1.48Blackpool Airport (EGNH)Image
11/10/2017£1.16Alderney (EGJA)Image
19/11/2017£1.02Jersey (EGJJ)Image[1]

[1] Discount for AOPA members
[2] Free landing fee with fuel uplift (60L / single, 80L / twin)
[3] Discounted landing fee with fuel uplift (50L / single, 100L / twins)
[4] Price valid for calendar month
[5] Plus additional % for Credit Cards
[6] Member rate
[7] Free landing with fuel uplift (50l)
[8] Available H24
[9] Refuelling by prior arrangement 07990 511 200
[10] Self-service
[16] 4p/litre discount for flying club members with full membership
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Jetblu wrote:I see that my post updating EGSX fuel price has been deleted today and the league table amended.

Is Gamstons Avgas really £1.32 p/l inclusive of VAT?

In theory the posts should get deleted once the price has made it to the league table. Will take a look at Gamston.

By matspart3
Gloucester seems to have dropped off the list! We're currently £1.72 but there's a fairly sizeable wholesale hike for December and ours will be....

1/12/2017 £1.76 Gloucester (EGBJ) ^