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United Kingdom Image
Last updated: 23rd May 2017

01/03/2017£2.32Inverness (Flying Club) (EGPE)Image
23/05/2017£2.12Enniskillen/St Angelo Airport (EGAB)
05/05/2017£2.10Oban (EGEO)Image
19/04/2017£2.07Blackpool Airport (EGNH)Image
11/05/2017£2.06Bristol (EGGD)Image[4][8]
23/04/2017£1.98Netherthorpe Airfield (EGNF)
01/04/2017£1.98Newtownards (EGAD)Image
03/03/2017£1.91Blackbushe (EGLK)Image
11/05/2017£1.85Peterborough/Sibson Airport (EGSP)
23/05/2017£1.81Leicester (EGBG)Image
20/03/2017£1.80Glasgow (EGPF)Image
23/05/2017£1.80Perth/Scone (EGPT)Image
12/04/2017£1.79Bodmin Airfield (EGLA)
02/05/2017£1.79Goodwood (EGHR)Image
01/05/2017£1.77Rochester (EGTO)Image
15/03/2017£1.75Coventry (EGBE)Image
01/05/2017£1.75Eshott Airfield
12/03/2017£1.75Exeter (EGTE)Image[4]
11/05/2017£1.75Lee on Solent (EGHF)Image[9]
01/05/2017£1.72Gloucestershire (ESBJ)
01/05/2017£1.70Bourn Airfield (EGSN)Image
01/03/2017£1.70Earls Colne (EGSR)
03/04/2017£1.70Henstridge (EGHS)Image
03/05/2017£1.70Redhill (EGKR)Image
22/04/2017£1.70Shipdham Airfield (EGSA)
10/03/2017£1.70Stapleford (EGSG)Image
07/04/2017£1.70Welshpool (EGCW)Image
12/04/2017£1.69North Weald (EGSX)Image
01/04/2017£1.69Oxford (EGTK)Image
01/04/2017£1.67Gloucestershire (EGBJ)Image[3][5]
19/04/2017£1.66Isle of Wight/Sandown (EGHN)Image
24/02/2017£1.65Popham (EGHP)Image
11/05/2017£1.65Sherburn-in-Elmet (EGCJ)Image
23/05/2017£1.64Thruxton (EGHO)Image
23/04/2017£1.63Breighton (EGBR)Image
18/04/2017£1.60Tatenhill (EGBM)Image
04/03/2017£1.59Bagby (EGNG)Image
12/05/2017£1.59Duxford (EGSU)Image
26/03/2017£1.32Nottingham (EGBN)Image[7]
26/03/2017£1.32Retford/Gamston (EGNE)Image
23/05/2017£1.24Alderney (EGJA)Image
20/03/2017£1.06Jersey (EGJJ)Image

[1] Discount for AOPA members
[2] Free landing fee with fuel uplift (60L / single, 80L / twin)
[3] Discounted landing fee with fuel uplift (50L / single, 100L / twins)
[4] Price valid for calendar month
[5] Plus additional % for Credit Cards
[6] Member rate
[7] Free landing with fuel uplift (50l)
[8] Available H24
[9] Refuelling by prior arrangement 07990 511 200
[10] Self-service
[16] 4p/litre discount for flying club members with full membership
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Jetblu wrote:I see that my post updating EGSX fuel price has been deleted today and the league table amended.

Is Gamstons Avgas really £1.32 p/l inclusive of VAT?

In theory the posts should get deleted once the price has made it to the league table. Will take a look at Gamston.

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By Rob P
£1.,99/litre (2nd April) according to Sky Demon

Rob P
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By Derryn
Robin500 wrote:Thought Netherthorpes fuel was competitive!! What is going on? 1.98, really??

You've seen the exchange rate, right? Fuel is priced in USD, so you're now starting to see the impact on fuel prices creep in