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By Pugh Pugh
More frustrating computery timewasting rubbish!!!!! Could someone please tell me why the app (android) I've installed is nothing like the one shown in the example above, and so none of the "easy-to-follow" (groan) instructions apply? Yes, it's the same app, yes I have my subscription id (but nowhere to put it etc.) Or, alternatively, if someone could invent a time machine and send me back about 65 years that would be great. Does ANY software/computer EVER work properly?!?!

Rant over. Going tailwheeling later - that should calm me down!
By Aragorn
I've also just tried to activate my digital subscription with the new Android app and it just tried to make me buy a whole new subscription. I can't find how to activate using my print subscription. Can anyone help please?
I had the same problem - couldn't find where to activate in the android app. Instead I went to on my PC and was able to activate it there.

On a side note, does anyone else have a the following : I have the hard copy of the Feb issue but in the app I only have access to the Jan issue.

Hi All,

Hope I'm not too late on this thread...!

I now have my subscription number, and with my postcode when entering in via the Flyer app - I get the error invalid login details...

One point to note, from the original posts, in the current Flyer app on iPad mini - there isn't an option to "Activate" - I use Options > Subscription > Restore > "I have print subscription which allows digital"

I then get the Prompt for subs number and postcode...

I have emailed Pocletmags with my details - waiting for an update...

Cheers !
Well, Pocketmags isn't exactly inspiring confidence. I too found that I couldn't activate through the app, so logged onto the website from my PC, entered my details on the 'activate subscription' form, clicked activate, and was faced with: 404: page not found. Tried again, same result. So, clicked on 'contact us' and completed the form detailing my issue to send to pocketmags, clicked send, and guess what? Another error! 'The message could not be sent due to an error, try email instead.' Had to retype it all on an email. :x