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By Steve H
From werewolf

St-Cyr l'école : in Paris area, the quickest way to a railway station, by foot.
When ATC are on duty, English or French. Otherwise in French (or Frenglish). Operating ATC hours : see LPPZ VAC chart on the SIA (French AIS) site.
The SIA quarter-of-million map of Paris is a must when flying VFR around Paris. -> click on "English version" -> "SIA shop" (cookie needed !) -> "Charts" -> "Paris area chart" (issue April 2011).

From trevs99uk

St Cyr
Flown in several time.
ATC not always manned.
Speaking english did,nt seem to be a problem.
Railways station is up the hill 1K from out side the Airfield.
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By skydriller
Flew in for a couple of nights in Paris. ATC were not active, I found getting there easy using GPS at 1500ft below the Paris TMA. Gorgeous views of Versailles from the circuit to land, park up on the grass next to the tower.
Its a good 15minute walk from the aerodrome to the TER station in St Cyr. Alternatively, a taxi is 5-7euros. We didnt use them, but There is a typical French cafe/restaurant on the airfield and a hotel at the end of the entrance road, 5 minutes walk away. TER to montparnasse then metro was one ticket an d 5euros to the centre of Paris, we stayed right next to the arc de triomphe. Allow an hour and a half from aeroplane tocity centre hotel.

I don't have the landing/parking bill yet, apparently they send it with no option to pay onsite. They have a BP card self service pump - one of the flying clubs is authorised to help visitors, but their CFI does this, and if he's be warned, price was 2.15euro/ltr.

Overall a good experience and we will definitely be flying to paris again, but fuel was a faff as it is at a lot of places in france.

Regards, SD
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By skydriller
phijip wrote:You don't have your own BP card?? Why?

My Aeroclub has a total card.....
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By Birdyboy1
Does anyone know if there are additional restrictions for flying into Paris due to recent troubles?
Getting up courage to give this a go and go visit the Sun Kings gaff.
Looks easiest to come in towards Paris from the north East and curve round through the corridor.
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By skydriller
No, just talk to Paris info as you scoot around clear of TMA/CTRs. St Cyr only using one runway this summer & radio in French due limited ATC in summer holidays.
Still the best way into Paris by GA but be aware only bp card fuel pump.

Rgds, SD..