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I am pretty sure that until that effin great High pressure over Russia/Scandinavia decides to fade or go walkies, you can just look out of the window for about 24 -36 hours and you will see something like the next 24 - 36 hours. It has been sitting there all bloated and unyielding for about a month, hence Groundhog Day weather wise this side of it.
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By Weatherman
Hmmmmmm, thanks for letting me know about viewing probs.

Can you tell me what operating system you are using and what device?

Thanks again,
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By Gertie
Weatherman wrote:Can you tell me what operating system you are using and what device?

Win2k3 on a real computer.
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By rotorcraig
Plays fine for me (Firefox on an Ubuntu PC).

One small point; could please put a date on the screen or mention one in your spoken introduction so that it's absolutely clear that the video is up to date for the weekend ahead. I was pretty sure this evening that it had because the forecast was as I expected, but I always look for positive confirmation and it felt slightly wrong that it was missing.


By neilld
Gertie wrote:I get a couple of ads from Aspen Avionics, but nothing else to watch.

+1 Win xp on PC
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By Tarnish
Great stuff Simon, but you do know we are into February now not January :wink:

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By Keef
I don't get the ads (Adblocker on the PC stops that, wherever I go).
Windows 7 64-bit, Firefox (latest version).

I also use NoScript, which has many times protected me from nasties that would otherwise have run (not here but on some other websites). I can bypass that with a click if I reckon the blocked sites are OK.

I have several other "protections" on the PC - most of which are there for good reason.

So, when I click on the Flyer Weather site, I get a warning from NoScript of various scripts that want to run. I tell it to let them all run.
ANOTHER list of scripts pop ups, asking for permission to run. I tell those Yes. I get a THIRD lot ... and so it goes on for a while.

It then spends a long time trying to download stuff from,, and

Eventually it stops downloading and I get this:

- which is as far as it will go. There are no more scripts asking for permission. It doesn't play.

I think that means one of two things:

1. The weather app won't run unless ads are allowed, or
2. One of the scripts it wants to run is blocked by my standard "no dodgy stuff" protection.

I tried the same link on my iPad, and got a "link blocked" message. I logged out of the Forum and tried the link again, and it worked. I saw Simon's cheery face and heard the forecast.

I conclude that there's something in the coding of the weather site that offends one of Avast, NoScript, Adblocker, WOT, Greasemonkey, or HTTPSeverywhere.
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By Keef
I dug a bit deeper, and found that the pooter hiccuped at this bit of code, somewhere in the HTML or the scripts it was redirecting to:

<iframe id="_convivaRemoteFrame_httpsgw096.lphbs.com_18212" src="" height="30"></iframe>

I asked it why, and it responded that it did NOT like

WOT does have a fairly harsh trigger, but the ratings on it are mostly submitted by users and on the whole I've found it's been right to tell me not to go to certain sites.

That may be why some folks can't see the video. may be perfectly innocent, but WOT users seem not to think so.
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By Pianorak
Works perfectly for me: desktop PC, Windows XP, Firefox, Adblocker and ESET Smart Security. So, no ads, no scripts, no nonsense whatsoever, just pure unadulterated weather forecast. Er, yes, if we could have onscreen date confirmation, please. Many thanks, Simon!
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By Keef
I think so, Fred. I suspect that if I disabled WOT it would run on my PC too. I'd have to "pass" some NoScript warnings, but I'm used to doing that.
WOT has saved me a few times from sites that subsequently proved to be seriously nasty (viruses and the like), so I treat it with respect.

I'm puzzled as to why the iPad refused to go there while I was logged in, but was happy when logged out. Maybe just a temporary glitch.

I normally use Simon's e-mailed link which up to now has gone through without a hitch (but I haven't checked flying weather for a few weeks since I don't have a floatplane rating).