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By Keef
I always land Concorde with no flaps. She hasn't got any.

Training and judgment will always beat slavish adherence to the POH (if you have a POH: we don't ;) ).

The Arrow POH in the UK has a CAA-mandated sticker informing the pilot that use of flaps on takeoff is not approved. I've heard stories of why that is, but whatever the reason I've been glad over the years that it's only "not approved" rather than "not permitted" because there are a fair few fields that I wouldn't have visited if I couldn't use flaps to get out again. Those are the ones - probably the only ones - where I've used all three stages of flap to land.
By cotterpot
It was the comment - 'was taught to only use full flap if too high'. It seemed to be a fixed process.

Sometimes I use some/all of available flaps, sometimes none. Depends on the airstrip and weather (or at least the wind).
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By anglianav8r
greggj wrote:Try doing that on go around... (actually please don't !).
I almost did that once, and was demonstrated at high altitude what happens if you do. Hint, we span.

Combination of low speed and CofG to far rearward ?