A place where members of the forum community can offer their non aviation services, a way of helping each other out, or making sure that when you pay for a product or service that some of it might get spent on flying! This is a community service, so if you register just to sell your service or product you can expect to get donked.
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By PeteSpencer
Now I've got no real axe to grind but intermittent requests on here for contact numbers of a well known forumite who has furnished many of us with excellent ANR conversions at reasonable cost have got me thinking:

How would a post on here advising us that ANR conversions (and IMHO pretty good ones at that) are available from said forumite differ in essence from posts already on here promoting advertising copy or aeroplane wing covering or accountancy skills?

I have no link with the forumite who, of course, many of us know personally and have availed myself of his services twice. (Three times actually but one cheapo headset just wasn't suitable for conversion)

So why can't he post on here?

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By PeteSpencer
No Beef:

Except forumite has been told in the past he can't advertise his services on here, so that folks regularly have to ask for his details and he gets contacted in a roundabout way.

I'm asking why he can't post details of his services on this section of the Forums, when many other services (including supposedly not allowed 'aviation related topics' according to blurb) are indeed allowed.

That's all.

Maybe he doesn't want to , of course.

Peter :roll:
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By PeteSpencer
Flyin'Dutch' wrote:Maybe put it in the Member's services forum?


Doh; had not noticed it is in here already...............

Not donked or moderated in anyway as far as I can see so what is the issue?
By rholder
For those who have found this item by searching for "ANR Conversions" on these fora.

I am still doing them, as a hobby, and I can be contacted by email, by clicking on the small envelope icon under my name on the left.

G-BLEW had asked me to moderate my "advertising" on here but that was before there was a "Member's Services" Forum on here. I hope, Ian, that this simple statement of contact details (no address or phone number visible to "bots") is OK.

In fact this post will in time only be found by proper searches, and of course I could have been found using searches of the posts made over the last few years !

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By Timothy
Presumably those of us who know you as a supplier of many such conversions are allowed to tell everyone else how excellent they are, and how we actually prefer them to Bose X, having now had considerable experience of both?

Or is that not permitted?
By rholder
I have just put up my first ever website, showing some of the variants available for these conversions. There are a few "previously enjoyed" headsets on there.

There are some tweeks required, mainly cosmetic.


By GaryS
Tried them out today, absolutely brilliant!
By rholder
Hi there

Mt avnet email address is being phased out.

Please contact me in the future on

richard [at) anrman [dot) co [dot) uk


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By dmarti32

The prices link at the bottom of the webpage didn't work . :(